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Wilson Parker Homes are nothing,but high priced slum homes. This is my third home; however this is my first and last home I will ever purchase in the state of Ga. Everyone I have worked with concerning Wilson Parker Homes are unethical and complete liars. There homes are poor quality and extremely flawed..Whatever you do please do not purchase from these crooked people.

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Well I signed a ninety contract to have my House built, they didn't start on the house til about 45 days til the closing date. If you are looking to have quality home built by them or D.R Horton, they will build a quality home. My advice to anyone buying, is do not buy from them, because they are a bunch of crooks. I signed contract and also lost my earnest money.

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Wilson Parker homes all about the marketing, they get you with the appearance of fancy to do that you can't get for the same price from other builders. Then they talk about their 10/2 warranty. Beware it is all a smoke and mirror show. They build their homes with cheap sub contractors that do substandard work with substandard materials. They push them to build as fast a possible to maximize profits. So of course, the work is sloppy and... Read more

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My name is Markey Holloway I had High Hopes when I want to purchase a home from Wilson Parker home builders I love the style of the homes love this neighborhood I have my own Linda I was already approved and I was trying to use my land as one of their preferred lenders they told me that I didn't qualify with that later I have to go with one of their letters so I did I was approved on the one condition I had to sell my current house and I was... Read more

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I will keep this short. WP will build you a nice, big house that you think is affordable; however, you will find after buying, the quality is poor at best! I have had to have my carpet pulled up to cut floors open to fix joist issues and fix sub-floors. I've had my entire master bathroom tile floor torn up for them to fix the floor and joist underneath. After many no's and fights with them, the stair company had to rip out the ceiling underneath... Read more

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This is an amazing review which somehow matched my experience to an absolute 100%. Reading this review was the exact situation and experience except my lenders were Caliber Homes.I was told the day before my loan was ready to close while they were still requesting information/documents. I was also advised that if I get an independent inspector they don't honor the report because they follow county codes and obligations. My concern however... Read more

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Wilson Parker Homes has terrible customer service
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Building a home is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. However, Wilson Parker Homes, their preferred lender Bank South and contractors have managed to make our experience stressful and unpleasant from the beginning to end and even after the closing. My husband and I waited over a year for The Tributary at River Banks to start building their third phase of homes. We were excited when we found out that they were going to start new... Read more

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Hello, to whom it may concern My name is Clarence Terry. I am a military DAV and retired from the US Postal Service. I moved to Georgia from New Jersey because I believed in the Wilson Parker dream home in GA. (Big, Bold, and Beautiful) I closed on June 30th 2016, There were issues that I brought to the attention of the builder (Mark) and he assured me that they will be taken care of and to just check off the walk thru checklist and go to... Read more

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Wilson parker homes in pembrook park is a joke. The houses are of poor quality, the warranty department is terrible. I recieved alot of promises before closing six months ago. My driveway is cracking, my garage is cracking, my patio has holes in the cement, at the time of closing i was informed "if the cracks are larger than a quarter Warranty will repair" Warranty has a different story, warranty states it doesn't matter how large or small its... Read more

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What is the purpose of an initial walk through when you go back for the second and NOTHING is addressed. Yet they wanted me to close anyway? They must be kidding me. I was mistreated and disrespected beyond what I ever could have imagined. It was a horrible experience and as a result I terminated my contract with them. I will NEVER buy anything even remotely close to Wilson Parker Homes. Very Poor and unprofessional customer service I was... Read more

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