I purchased my home from Wilson Parker Homes 11/2013 and have never been able to enjoy my backyard since owning my home. I have not been able to enjoy my backyard lawn due to continuous flooding as a direct result of improper soil grading and a lack of drainage when the landscaping was initially installed in my home by Wilson Parker Homes. In addition, the flooding has caused soil erosion and my external air conditioning units are leaning.

I noted the soil erosion, grading, flooding and drainage issues in my 1 year warranty checklist items and was told by both of the landscaping subcontractors (who were sent by Wilson Parker that I had a grading/drainage issue. Twice landscapers where sent out to remove my sod and replace it. I refused each time because I wanted to know how the flooding, grading, drainage issues were going to be correct before new sod was installed.

On 2/12 @11am - Vince and two others from WP showed up at my home without an appointment to install new sod in my yard. I requested that they set up an appointment and send a plan of action detailing what they are planning to fix and how they will fix the issues in my yard to insure that I will no longer have drainage/soil erosion/flooding/grading/dead grass/dead tree in my front, side and backyard. They would not provide me with a written plan indicating what would be corrected. They told me that the information I was looking for was in my warranty handbook and told me they were not coming back out because I refused their service.

On 2/19 - Hugo (Builder) was supposed to come by @10am to look at my yard - rained and cancelled the appointment.

On 5/15/2015 at 3:30pm - Andreas (and 4 other workers) from Sanchez Landscaping – Owner (Hector) came by with 3 rolls of sod to install in my yard. They had no idea of all of the soil/drainage/erosion issues and decided it was not in the best interest of the customer (ME) to install the sod with all of the outstanding issues. I showed the video of flooding that happens in my yard and my neighbor’s yard to Andres so that he had an idea of the exact issues when it is raining and gave him a copy of the outline of work that needed to be completed...the one I emailed to Hope (Director of Warranty) on Monday 5/4/2015.

Andreas - of Sanchez Landscaping, took the outline below and called his boss (Hector) to notify him that he would not be installing the sod. Andreas, explained that he would have Hector - owner of Sanchez Landscaping call Hugo (Area Building Manager of Wilson Parker Homes) to discuss How/what they will authorize to fix the problems with my yard. They left my home at 4:15pm.

Again, I requested a written proposal from Warranty department and the Landscapers to inform me of what and how the (drainage, flooding, grading, erosion) issues were going to be corrected and was not provided with one. Each time, I was told that Hugo – the Builder would need to come out to inspect the issues of which I am still waiting for his inspection and approval.

On 5/18/2015, Mike Benvenuti & Dustin came out to inspect the yard issues and other warranted items (paint). Mike said that he would have to speak with Hugo and the President of the Company to get approval to fix the issues. Mike called me back to let me know that he would be speaking with the President when he returns from vacation and that he should have a decision for me by 6/17/2015. I have never heard back from him since.

On 6/29/2015, I called and emailed Hope to her to ask her the status of my outstanding Yard issues and she replied back on 6/29 -”I can only help with the warrant-able items. Landscaping is not covered under my department that is why it was sent to Mike and Hugo.”

On 8/10/2015, I am asking Wilson Parker to please correct the above items or provide me with a check or money order for $6,900.00 on or before 8/31/15 so that I can hire someone to fix these outstanding Soil grading/Flooding/Drainage issues with my home.

I'm looking forward to Wilson Parker fixing these issues quickly so that I can enjoy and use the "FULL Function" of the home I purchased from them 11/2013.

This person wrote the review because of warranty issue at Wilson Parker Homes. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $7000 and wants Wilson Parker Homes to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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