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Building a home is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. However, Wilson Parker Homes, their preferred lender Bank South and contractors have managed to make our experience stressful and unpleasant from the beginning to end and even after the closing. My husband and I waited over a year for The Tributary at River Banks to start building their third phase of homes. We were excited when we found out that they were going to start new construction at the end of 2015. Beginning this grueling journey we went to the Tributary sales office and found out that Wilson Parker Homes (WPH) would be the builder. We were emailed the floors plans for the Tributary by WPH and went back to the sales office to begin the process of getting our dream home built. The sales agent told us where all 11 possible floor plans were located in the metro Atlanta area before making the final decision on our dream home. We finally decided on the Katharine floor plan after 8 hours of driving and searching. We went back to the sales office and signed a contract for the Katherine on a great corner lot with an amazing view in Dec. 2015. We were promptly given a closing date for Feb. 2016 and obligated to provide a earnest money check. Fast forwarding to a few weeks later after going through a painful three hour process of signing our contract and spending an additional two hours at the design center we were told that the Katharine could not be built on the lot we selected due to the size, contrary to what we had been told from day one. Our earnest money check was cashed before this devastating news was provided. We find it hard to believe that a builder would give a customer a floor plan to choose from that wouldn’t fit on any of the lots they owned. WPH later took that floor plan away as an option for this community.

I was ready to walk away but my husband convinced me to work it out with WPH to see if the service improved and if they truly cared about their customers. Initially, we were told by the former Vice President (Steve Owen) of WPH in the Atlanta division that the builder was not at fault and the President for the Atlanta division denied our compensation. He attempted to persuade us to purchase a different lot that would fit the Katherine. That was not an option for us because it was important for us to be on a corner lot. We figured if we were going to pay almost $300k for a house we should be on a lot that we love. Within a couple of days we were notified that the VP was no longer with the company. The issue was actually taken to the President of the Atlanta division after the VP left the company and he approved a small compensation which was appreciated, but it came with no apology.

With much reservation in continued dealings with WPH, we went with our second choice which was the Savannah and resigned a contract in Jan. 2016, from there we were given another closing date for April 2016. We were also told that we would get an incentive of 5k towards closing if we used a preferred lender. We went with their preferred lender Bank South and trusted that it would be a smooth process. We provided a massive amount of paperwork that was requested by Bank South, which had to be submitted multiple times due to their lack of internal communication. Over the next couple of months our closing date changed to May 2016 and again to June 2016. We were given two possible dates for June 2016. Finally, we were told that the closing date would not be approved again for an extension and the builder would have to complete the house by the last week of June 2016 per WPH upper management.

Due to the delay in construction and the lack of communication within Bank South we were being rushed to submit several documents for the fourth time during the week of closing. As a result, the bank requested more paperwork and hassled us because some of our paperwork expired due to the closing date changes.

In the meantime, WPH began rushing the work on our house. On multiple occasions my husband and I witnessed the contractors eating watermelon under the trees in the front yard, taking naps under the trees on the property, and taking long lunches when they should have been working. We reported it to the sales office but it is unknown if anyone said anything to the contractors since they still have the same work habits to this date.

Since we had lost so much of our faith in the ability of WPH to provide quality work we believed it was necessary to hire our own inspector for the pre-drywall inspection in May 2016 because we did not trust the Wilson Parker suggested inspector by this time. After several emails and phone calls from WPH coordinating the pre-drywall inspection WPH failed to accommodate our hired private inspector by already installing the insulation concealing the electrical work before the inspector arrived. Our inspector found 28 pages of work that was not safe or up to code that needed to be corrected before closing. At that point, we advised the builder not to put up the sheet rock up that they were moving in to the house until those corrections were made. The corrections took them a few days, possible further delaying the closing date.

A week before we closed Bank South finally finished our paperwork with the interest rate and down payment required to close. We were told it was the final numbers and to do a wire transfer. In the meantime, we were scheduled to do a walk-through inspection of the home the week of closing and the appointment changed three times before it actually happened. We were finally told to be available to do the walk through on 06/28/16. Our inspector arrived to the house before we did for the walk through only to find out the WPH failed to have the power turned on for the walk-through. Our inspector notified us of the issue and proceeded with his inspection using only the daylight and his flashlight. The inspector was unable to complete his inspection and had to be paid an additional $200 to return the next day to in order to complete the inspection. Instead of WPH accepting responsibility they expected us to pay the additional cost. Our inspector provided a detailed 52 page report of code violations and issues that needed to be addressed. WPH was left with 06/29 and part of 6/30 (our closing date) to make corrections. On 6/30/16, my husband and I showed up to our soon-to-be new home at 3pm as scheduled to conduct the final walk through, with the closing scheduled on the other side of town at 5pm in Atlanta traffic (what professional builder does a final walkthrough on the closing date?). At 5pm we were still watching the builder scrounge to complete repairs. Let me also add that the builder was not able to “locate” any contractors so the supervisors were trying to do the work they clearly were not qualified to do. We did not arrive to closing until after 7PM due to WPH “NO IOU” policy. I would prefer for the builder to have a trained professional come back after closing instead of watching the builder work with pocket knives and spare parts from other homes. When we finally get to the attorney’s office and prepare to sign the paperwork for our keys we were told that the attorneys closing documents did not match the original numbers that were provided by Alexia at Bank South and we would have to come up with an additional $4k to get our keys. Since WPH took so long to complete our final inspection the bank was closed and we had to wait until the following day to wire additional funds in order to close.

We finally moved our belonging in 07/01 and 07/02 and patiently waited for our mailbox to be installed which took a few days. You would think that a new house would have a mailbox installed when the owners move in but it was not. We had to make multiple calls to get the mailbox from the builder.

The inconvenience with WPH continues and on 07/20/16, my husband came home and went out on to our back deck only to find a cord plugged in to an outlet outside of our basement running across construction lots next door to leading to the contractors’ generator. We don’t know how many days or how long they had been stealing our power but it was reported to the sales office and the builder. We were told that they would come up with some type of reimbursement but no apology and no one has contacted us with an updated on what we need to do to get reimbursed.

In addition, we were told at the signing of our original contract that our HOA fees included our cable and Internet. We were able to get our cable set up but our Internet was delayed until 07/25 because according to the Internet provider the builder failed to run the necessary wiring for power in the basement. Instead of properly installing any outlets on the outer walls of our house the builder got very sloppy and split the power from a light switch to one single electrical outlet under the stairs. The builder also broke the fiber optics box during the process of building which also caused a delay in the Internet installation.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the contractors side swiped out mailbox speeding around the corner on 7/22, which was reported to the sales office. We are also still waiting on the builder to fix the windows that were sticking in one of the bedrooms and the list goes on. It feels like the list is never ending.

What we find hard to believe about our entire experience is that no one has apologized to us for the inconvenience. Everyone has been pointing the finger at someone else but no one has taken responsibility. In the midst of all the chaos Wilson Parker Homes received two referrals from us of people who actually signed a contract on their home while our house was being built and we were told that there was no compensation for us but to keep referring people. That’s over 600k in money that they made off of us alone but no incentive for the customers who did the referral! We often regret referring anyone to WPH as they currently experience the same grueling process we went through.

We have yet to receive an apology from Patrick Bates or Patrick Butler they have been our point of contact for the builder during this horrific experience. Patrick Bates did take note of everything that was wrong during the walk through meetings and participated in making repairs to get us to closing. Patrick Butler has been lazy throughout the process, failed to acknowledge me when going in and out of our home during the building process which I think is very poor customer service. Yet, he offered us tomatoes out of his garden the week after we closed. We are still not sure why. Not sure if it was due to guilt or fear of a bad review.

We are truly disgusted with Wilson Parker Homes and while I know no house is perfect for 300k it should be pretty close. The lack of empathy and customer service has been unacceptable. We are very dissatisfied with Wilson Parker Homes.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Wilson Parker Homes and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Wilson Parker Homes to "we would like a follow up call with an apology from the ceo of wilson parker homes if he truly cares about his customers, reimbursement for our power being stolen, a new mailbox, our windows to be repaired properly and compensated for the inconvenience".

The most disappointing in user's experience was poor customer service, no ownership for errors, lazy and irresponsible contractors and builders and being mistreated as a customer. Author liked the most location of the house. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1219308

I'm going through an identical situation with WPH. Would you be willing to chat further about this? If so, I can provide an email address.

to Anonymous Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1237456

Yes, send me your email if you still need assistance.

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