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I signed a termination agreement two weeks ago, and Wilson Parker Homes have failed to issue my check as promised by the date & time they agreed to. I had reservations about the sales agent & representatives at Wilson Parker Homes- Fall Creek (Violet McCord, Steve Owen & the CEO Shawn Tokanel).

From my very first meeting with Violet she was very sloppy in appearance and had an attitude that was very nonchalant. She kept me & my son at the presentation Center for almost 8hrs to write up a single contract! She didn't apologize for the appointment time going far and beyond the typical timeframe, she just stated that she had given her office mate the day off on a Saturday afternoon, because she didn't think it would be so busy. After all the time that I wasted with her, she called me back on my way to church the next day, to inform me that due to her lack of attention at our appointment, she overlooked the lot which I had selected, and needed me to return to the sales Center to resign the documents.

I wasn't too impressed with that, so I complained to her manager, Steve Owen- which fell on deaf ears. I then went above Steve to the CEO, Shawn Tokanel, only to be spoken to as if I was at fault for voicing concerns. After I was chastised by Shawn, he then turned around and assured me that things would "be right" from here on. Well that was a blatant lie!!!

The final straw was when the contractors poured the patio concrete smaller than the dimensions which I had paid for. I asked for a meeting with both Violet & the contractor to see how to remedy this error. After the contractor had stated that every time concrete is mixed, there will be a different colour & texture to it, I decided not to add to the missing patio dimensions, and to instead use the money to finish the hardwood stairs. I was given a hard time about that by Steve & finally told that it was too costly to finish the stairs, as that would involve removing the pine planks and replacing them with oak, basically for no fault of my own neither Wilson Parker or the contractor would cover the cost of their error!

I said that's fine, keep the house I want my money back.

Wilson Parker agreed & I signed the termination agreement, but two weeks later, I have yet to see my check!!! In doing a bit a of research, I found at least 9 other people who had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive their funds back from this builder!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and nasty sales representatives. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of home purchase. Wilson Parker Homes needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Snellville, Georgia, United States #1219944

Can you tell me how got in touch with CEO? Same thing happening to me right now.


She is absolutely correct, we got our money back 25 days from the time we cancelled the contract. They also kept $350 for an application fee which they said was a nonrefundable but they were the ones who was in a breach of contract.

Now I can't reach know one to discuss my problem with so I'll be filling a lawsuit in small claims court.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1146063

That is so sad that they try to rip people off. One lady signed the contract to buy a home in my sub division.

They didn't tell her that the home would be put so far back on the lot that she would not have a back yard at all. The tiny back yard rolled down the hill into the woods, which would have been very dangerous for her and her grand kids. She backed out of the contract because of that and they refused to give her the down payment which was $5,000. A lot of money for someone who is not rich.

Wilson Parker people are ***. My house will be fixed this year or I will be filing that Class Action Law Suit. I'm starting to check into attorneys who will take such a case pro bono right now. A stop needs to be put to builders like them.

I think I may contact the local news channel and have them do a story on Wilson Parker Homes. JP


The worse Builder to deal with! They cover up for their agents illegal doings and are rip offs


I am an Real estate agent selling a Wilson Parker Home to a new buyer client and we are not happy with the way they are handling things either, Just curious, did you receive your money back?


Wilson Parker Homes is a nightmare to deal with from the sales agents all the way to the top of the chain. Search this website for "Wilson Parker Home Buying Experience Nightmare".

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